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E2 Hungary started its business on 1 January 2016 in the Hungarian market of energy supply.  It entered the market as a new player, which, however, looks back to certain business traditions, as the founders of the company used to be significant players of the energy industry and trade while its staff persons are experienced professionals of the energy sector.

E2 Hungary- as the key player of the Hungarian energy market - offers one-stop-shop services of natural gas and electricity supply to its customers from various fields of economy.  As a reliable partner of outstanding expertise, E2 Hungary offers customized, high quality services representing good value for price to over 4000 customers.

We make our utmost to assist with our activity the everyday business operations of our Partners, remove their burdens in the processes of purchasing energy necessary to their business.  Our objective is to offer simple and transparent processes to our partners for purchasing energy, so that they could focus their attention on their core business.

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