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E2 Hungary - as a new market player - is present in the market of corporate energy supply with competitive offers and advantageous conditions.  Magyar Telekom contributes to the success of the joint venture with its extensive experience in the fields of accessing and servicing the customers while MET contributes with the expertise obtained in the energy sector.


E2 Hungary has over hundred employees.  Our team comprises experts from various industries, who do their best for maximum customer experience which is a token of attainment of the corporate objectives.  Cooperation, constructive climate are the key factors of attainment of the joint objectives which is supported by the high standard modern central office facility operated at Infopark where the staff of the Company is accommodated.


Major changes require the contribution of the staff persons therefore E2 Hungary is committed towards the professional and personal qualities of its employees.  Our objective is to bring about a corporate culture which equally supports diversity, and individual initiatives, and serves the attainment of the employees’ career objectives.